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Support was granted to 34 projects in the summer: The dreamworlds of artists open up in virtual reality

From June to August, we granted a total of €219,844 to 34 projects. We received 29% more applications than during the same period last year. The works that received support include one that can be experienced in virtual reality: it immerses those who experience it in a dive into the creative subconscious.
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The compensation for private copying will remain at the same in 2022

During the government budget session that ended yesterday, the Finnish Government decided to cancel the threatened cuts of the compensation for private copying.
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Kopiosto paid €11 million in copyright remunerations to the authors and performers of tv programmes

This week, we paid more than €11 million in copyright remunerations to the copyright holders of audiovisual works. The remunerations have been collected for the use of TV programmes presented in 2020.
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AVEK's funding has been secured for the next year

The government budget session reached the result we had hoped for. The Finnish Government decided to cancel the threatened cuts and maintain the compensation for private copying at the already established level.
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Kopiosto paid €12 million in copyright remunerations to the authors and publishers

We recently paid more than €12 million in copying remunerations to 26 member organisations representing various fields of culture and communications. The remunerations come from the copying licences for text, images and sheet music we have sold this year.
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AVEK's networking project for new filmmakers -production companies join us!

We were looking for new authors who have had a hard time networking in the film industry in Finland and finding a suitable production company for their ideas. We received 95 applications by the deadline on 20 August.
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New specialist to develop Kopiosto's cooperation with the education sector

Mikko Löyttyniemi, who has had a long career in education, explains why his new work on copyright inspires him.
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Ministry of finance planning to cut AVEK's funding by half

More than a hundred organisations in the audiovisual industry and almost a thousand private individuals stood up in defence of AVEK in a public declaration submitted to decision-makers in early August. Despite this, the Ministry of Finance’s draft budget proposes a fatal cut in its appropriation for AVEK.
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Flaws in legislation need correcting: Authors must be guaranteed the right to decide on the use of their works in digital services

The use of cultural content on digital platforms is growing, but less and less of the revenue goes to the authors. At this summer’s SuomiAreena, authors called for stronger measures from policy-makers to ensure that people can make a living from the digital use of their works, now and in the future.
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Successful orientation facilitates work in extraordinary circumstances

Tomi Pohto, who began working for Kopiosto towards the end of 2020, talks about what it is like to join our work community during a crisis.
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