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Petition is handing to the Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä. Eicca Toppinen, Virpi Suutari, Hannaleena Heiska, Lintilä, Anne Salomaa and Lauri Kaira are in the row.

Petition of Suomi elää luovuudesta campaign handed to Minister of Economic Affairs

Today, the Suomi elää luovuudesta (In Finland, creativity is life) campaign handed in its petition to Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä (Centre Party). In the petition, more than 4,700 well-known creative professionals and citizens appeal for increasing the appreciation and acknowledgement of the sector: for Finland, creative industries provide opportunities for sustainable growth and internationally significant commercial activities. The signees appealed to the Minister to convert cutbacks into investments and, in the future, place creative professions on an equal footing with other forms of livelihood.
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The campaign "Suomi elää luovuudesta" (In Finland, Creativity is life) already has 4,500 supporters

The campaign ‘Suomi elää luovuudesta’ (In Finland, creativity is life) already includes 4,496 widely known creative workers and citizens. Until the second week of June, the campaign challenges you to join in an appeal for the appreciation of creative work: creative industries are a sustainable growth opportunity for Finland and an internationally significant industry. The signatories demand that the cuts made in the field be turned into investments.
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The campaign "Suomi elää luovuudesta" (In Finland Creativity is life) starts today

Organisations and workers in the creative industries are appealing for the appreciation of the cultural field with their campaign ‘Suomi elää luovuudesta’ (In Finland, creativity is life) that starts today. The campaign brings Finns face to face with these facts that make you think: the creative industries are clearly more significant for both employment and GDP than many of the traditional ones. In addition to restoring the appreciation, the campaign demands that the cuts in the industry should be turned into investments.
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For AVEK, the year 2020 was defined by the pandemic and an increased number of applications

We reacted to the situation caused by the pandemic and remote work by becoming flexible. We changed the focus of support towards personal grants, communicated even more effectively towards the applicants, and maintained a wider international presence. The number of applications increased, even though the internationalisation and training activities stopped almost completely due to the pandemic.
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The copyright act reform will bring new rights to authors as well as newspaper and magazine publishers

The EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market will change the Finnish legislation. There has been plenty of discussion on narrowing the value gap: the Directive makes platform services such as Facebook and Instagram liable with regard to the copyright of the content shared on them. But what kind of other things could result from taking the Directive into account in the Finnish copyright legislation?
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Copyrighted materials can now also be used in basic education in the arts. Licences for early childhood education and educational institutions do not change

The Finnish National Agency for Education has made an agreement with Kopiosto and APFI, an organisation representing the interests of producers in the field of audiovisual content production, on using copyrighted materials in teaching and early childhood education in 2021. The licences cover the copying of materials and presenting TV programmes in education.
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