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EUR 50 million to the creative industry. EUR 23.0 million to authors, performing others and other rightsholders of audiovisual works. EUR 21.6 million to authors and publishers of publications. EUR 2.3 million in public lending remunerations to visual artists. EUR 3.0 million in AVEK grants to audiovisual culture and the creative industry. These figures are amounts distributed by Kopiosto to copyright holders in the creative industry in 2023.

Kopiosto distributed EUR 50 million of copyright remunerations for the creative industry

Kopiosto paid copyright remunerations to copyright holders both directly and through the organisations that represent them. A total of EUR 23 million was distributed to the authors of television programmes and performing artists, and EUR 22 million was distributed to the authors and publishers of books, magazines and musical notes. Additionally, EUR 2 million in total was distributed to visual artists as public lending remunerations.
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Salla Nazarenko, Sanna Nikula, Mikko Hoikka, Kyösti Salokorpi, Jenni Kavén, Eeva Asikainen, Jussi Kiiski och Asta Boman.

Creative industry organisations want regulation of and transparency in artificial intelligence

We interviewed our member organisations about the changes to creative industries brought on by artificial intelligence. Creative industry organisations are calling for transparency regarding the training material for AI, as well as swiftness in compiling regulations. There is also need for shared discussions and developing shared practices in the field.
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Oskar Forstén appointed as new commissioner at AVEK

Forstén will take up his position on 1 January 2024. His work focuses on documentaries and short films.
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Update to the Copyright Act – rights of creative professionals to be reinforced

The update to the Copyright Act was passed by Parliament on Monday. The amendments to the Act will improve the position of authors, publishers and performing artists as required by EU directives.
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Copyright education resource Kopiraittila also launched in Spain

The Spanish version of the Kopiosto-maintained Kopiraittila, Aula del Derecho de Autor, was launched in Spain at the beginning of October. The website has been produced by CEDRO, a sister organisation of Kopiosto. CEDRO regards the website as a good addition to the training programmes in intellectual property rights offered in the educational field.
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Valtteri Niiranen seisoo IFRROn General Assembly -roll upin edessä, katsoo kameraan

Valtteri Niiranen appointed as the Chair of IFRRO’s European Group

Last week, our CEO Valtteri Niiranen was appointed as the Chair of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations IFRRO’s European Group.
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Uusi lakiasiainjohtaja Kirsi Salmela katsoo kameraan ja hymyilee. Taustalla puinen seinä.

New appointments at Kopiosto -Kirsi Salmela appointed Director, Legal Affairs

Kirsi Salmela has been appointed the new Director of Legal Affairs of Kopiosto. Matias Anttonen is the new Licensing Manager and Communications Manager Maria Bregenhøj will take up the position of Director of Communications.
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EUR 57 million of copyright remunerations for the creative industry from Kopiosto

In 2021, Kopiosto paid a total of EUR 57.1 million to performers, authors and publishers as copyright remunerations.
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Changes to the copyright act must be reconsidered

The EU’s Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and Online Broadcasting Directive will change our own Copyright Act. The draft law prepared by the Ministry of Education and Culture weakens the rights of authors. We call for the law to be sent back for preparation.
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Kopiosto paid 1.6 million euros in public lending remunerations to visual artists

We distributed 1.6 million euros in remunerations to the authors of visual and photographic works for the public lending of their works. The distribution of the remunerations is based on the 2019 public lending statistics.
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