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Horse enthusiasts are also interested in the past

The Hevosurheilu magazine is setting out to digitise its issues. “Our subscribers also want to read articles about horses, drivers, trainers and grooms from the past,” says the magazine’s Managing Director Keijo Kinnula. The magazine has agreed upon the copyright licences required for the digitisation with Kopiosto.
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Kopiosto’s copyright remunerations to creative industries: EUR 66 million paid in 2020

In 2020, Kopiosto distributed almost EUR 66 million in copyright remunerations to performing artists, authors, publishers and producers. The amount of remuneration increased by an exceptional EUR 20 million from the previous year. The increase in distribution was due to the fact that last year, among other remunerations, a multi-year accumulation of remunerations was settled with APFI, which represents audiovisual producers.
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Opetus-ja kulttuuriministeriön Kulttuuri- ja taidepolitiikan osaston hallitusneuvos Anna Vuopala

The copyright system can be developed with ©-info

It is often difficult to determine what online content can and cannot be used. According to Anna Vuopala, a Senior Ministerial Adviser at the Department for Art and Cultural Policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the ©-info icon developed by Kopiosto is a very useful tool in raising awareness of the complex provisions of the Copyright Act and helping users act accordingly.
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Study: Private copying remains nearly unchanged

According to an early 2021 study, there were no significant changes in private copying in 2020. A study performed by Taloustutkimus and commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture indicates that the total number of private copying in 2020 was about 258–276 million music or video files as legal private copies.
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Meet the new members of the Kopiosto board of directors

Two new members were appointed to the Kopiosto Board of Directors by the member organisations of Kopiosto in their autumn meeting in December: Chief Steward Anu Kähkönen and Legal Director Ismo Huhtanen. Anu and Ismo represent the Union of Finnish Radio and TV Journalists and the newspaper and magazine publisher organisations, respectively. Learn more about them from this interview.
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National Library of Finland made digitised versions of newspapers and magazines from the 1930s available to clients

A decade’s worth of digitised newspapers and magazines were made available when the National Library of Finland made all newspapers and magazines published in Finland by 31 December 1939 available. The newspapers and magazines are available to the public online at The extension of the collection is based on an agreement about the licences concerning the newspapers and magazines between the National Library of Finland and Kopiosto.
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All Swedish-language newspapers published in Finland will be digitised 2024

In the next three years, the National Library of Finland will digitise all Swedish-language newspapers published in Finland. The project is made possible by the grants worth a total of EUR 1.85 million awarded by eight Finland-Swedish funds and foundations. The newspapers will be made available online and in archives and legal deposit collections in Helsinki, Mariehamn, Vaasa and Turku, among others. Agreements about licences have been made with Kopiosto.
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Kopiosto paid EUR 2.5 million in copyright remunerations to authors and publishers

In December, we paid EUR 2.5 million in copying remunerations to authors and publishers. The remunerations are paid to 26 member organisations representing different cultural and communication industries.
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Authors and publishers highlight the significance of the quality of learning materials

The authors and publishers of learning materials are worried that high-quality, published learning materials are no longer valued. The worry is related to the compulsory education reform, according to which students in secondary education would be provided with free learning materials.
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Compulsory education reform includes new open learning material

According to Minister of Education Li Andersson, the extension of compulsory education currently being prepared is not a mechanical reform but a more extensive shift in mindset. Providing more extensive free access to education is also an important part of the reform: “Society’s goal is to provide every young person with an opportunity to complete secondary education.”
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