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We promote diverse Finnish audiovisual culture with copyright remunerations. New documentary films, animations, short films and media art are created with our support. We operate in connection with the Finnish copyright organisation Kopiosto. The majority of our funds come from private copying levies financed from the General State Budget

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Monica in the South Seas (Testifilmi) by Sami van Ingen and Mika Taanila is a documentary that received production support in January. It tells the story of Monica Flaherty, who looks for herself in the shadow of her world-famous film director father, Robert Flaherty.


Monica tries to build a complete soundtrack for the classic silent documentary Moana (1926), which was created by her parents. She returns to the stage from her early childhood on the paradise island of Samoa after 50 years and spends two weeks there, making field sound recordings for her film.


Monica in the South Seas examines the documentary’s built reality. At the same time, it shines a light through ideologies bound to their time, such as colonialism and questions concerning ethnographic authenticity.

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Support decisions for documentary and short films as well as media art are published monthly on our Finnish website. Support issued for training, international promotion, and audiovisual culture are published as quickly as possible after support decision meetings.

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The AVEK magazine is published in Finnish twice a year, in spring and autumn. The themes of the latest AVEK magazine are film music, sounds and impact.

Kopiosto – the copyright organisation for performing artists, authors and publishers

Kopiosto enables the use of copyrighted publications and audiovisual works easily and responsibly. It also makes sure that creative professionals receive the remuneration owed to them for the use of their works. Kopiosto is the most comprehensive copyright organisation representing the creative industry in Finland.