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We promote diverse Finnish audiovisual culture with copyright remunerations. New documentary films, animations, short films and media art are created with our support. We operate in connection with the Finnish copyright organisation Kopiosto. The majority of our funds come from private copying levies financed from the General State Budget

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AVEK’s funding after 2021 has not been decided. We need creators to help us so that we can help creators.

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  • Write an e-mail to decision-makers, indicating how AVEK has supported you. What kind of significance did AVEK’s support have for your project? What will happen if AVEK’s support will no longer be available?
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  • Write a post describing the importance of AVEK for you or the audiovisual sector. Tag us and use the hashtags #AVEKtukee #AVEKjatkoon
  • Please contact the organisation/community of your field and ask them to publicly show their support for AVEK

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More information can be found in the blog post by Director of AVEK Ulla Simonen

Featured work of the month

Metsämaisema, puita

In May, film development support was granted to Eija-Liisa Ahtila’s film with the working title Heijastus metsästä, which examines the forest and questions related to its representation.

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Support decisions for documentary and short films as well as media art are published monthly on our Finnish website. Support issued for training, international promotion, and audiovisual culture are published as quickly as possible after support decision meetings.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I send my application to AVEK? Can I apply for support for several works at the same time? Online application system does not work, what to do? How long is the decision-making process? Where should the final report be delivered? You will find the answer for these questions and many others in our FAQ section.

Frequently asked questions

AVEK magazine

The AVEK magazine is published in Finnish twice a year, in spring and autumn. The themes of the latest AVEK magazine are film music, sounds and impact.

Kopiosto – the copyright organisation for performing artists, authors and publishers

Kopiosto enables the use of copyrighted publications and audiovisual works easily and responsibly. It also makes sure that creative professionals receive the remuneration owed to them for the use of their works. Kopiosto is the most comprehensive copyright organisation representing the creative industry in Finland.