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Copyright Barometer 2020: Authors in creative industries are valued, copyrights are important

A clear majority of Finnish people still consider copyrights to be important, according to the latest Copyright Barometer. Copyright organisations and remunerations are also considered necessary. The Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC) commissions Taloustutkimus to perform this study on an annual basis.
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Kopiosto distributes an additional million euros to audiovisual authors

The remunerations distributed to the authors and performers of television programmes come from the allocations set aside from the compensation for private copying and remuneration for educational recordings paid in 2015–2017.
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Kopiosto paid 1.4 million euros in public lending remunerations to visual artists

Kopiosto distributes public lending remunerations to the authors of visual and photographic works for the public lending of their works. This time, the distribution of the remunerations is based on the 2018 public lending statistics.
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The creative industry must not be forgotten in the revitalisation of the Finnish economy

At the autumn budget session, the Ministry of Finance cut 3.3 million euros from the appropriation intended for the operating expenses of the Finnish National Agency for Education, included in the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Culture. This cut will further weaken the operating conditions of the creative industries that are already facing challenges.
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Kopiosto promotes creative work

We at Kopiosto enable the easy use of copyrighted publications and audiovisual works in educational institutions, businesses and public administration. We also ensure that professionals in the creative industry receive the appropriate remuneration for the use of their works.
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