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Update to the Copyright Act – rights of creative professionals to be reinforced

The update to the Copyright Act was passed by Parliament on Monday. The amendments to the Act will improve the position of authors, publishers and performing artists as required by EU directives.
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Uusi lakiasiainjohtaja Kirsi Salmela katsoo kameraan ja hymyilee. Taustalla puinen seinä.

New appointments at Kopiosto -Kirsi Salmela appointed Director, Legal Affairs

Kirsi Salmela has been appointed the new Director of Legal Affairs of Kopiosto. Matias Anttonen is the new Licensing Manager and Communications Manager Maria Bregenhøj will take up the position of Director of Communications.
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Kopioston toimitusjohtaja Valtteri Niiranen

Feedback must be taken seriously in the copyright act reform

Our CEO Valtteri Niiranen expects the government’s proposal on the Copyright Act to be postponed until 2022. “The most important partial reform of the Copyright Act in years is underway, and a time-out is now needed to prepare the Act again.”
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Changes to the copyright act must be reconsidered

The EU’s Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and Online Broadcasting Directive will change our own Copyright Act. The draft law prepared by the Ministry of Education and Culture weakens the rights of authors. We call for the law to be sent back for preparation.
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Flaws in legislation need correcting: Authors must be guaranteed the right to decide on the use of their works in digital services

The use of cultural content on digital platforms is growing, but less and less of the revenue goes to the authors. At this summer’s SuomiAreena, authors called for stronger measures from policy-makers to ensure that people can make a living from the digital use of their works, now and in the future.
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The copyright act reform will bring new rights to authors as well as newspaper and magazine publishers

The EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market will change the Finnish legislation. There has been plenty of discussion on narrowing the value gap: the Directive makes platform services such as Facebook and Instagram liable with regard to the copyright of the content shared on them. But what kind of other things could result from taking the Directive into account in the Finnish copyright legislation?
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In addition to grants, culture needs functional structures

The creative industry has suffered severely from the limitations caused by the coronavirus. We are now constantly hearing cries for help from those working in culture: the industry needs support – more and faster. In his blog, our CEO Valtteri Niiranen points out that in addition to short-term measures, it is also important to look further, to the structures supporting the industry.
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Compulsory education reform includes new open learning material

According to Minister of Education Li Andersson, the extension of compulsory education currently being prepared is not a mechanical reform but a more extensive shift in mindset. Providing more extensive free access to education is also an important part of the reform: “Society’s goal is to provide every young person with an opportunity to complete secondary education.”
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The ABC of copyright

Copyrights give performers and authors of creative work the right to decide on the use of their works as defined in the Copyright Act and the Copyright Decree. Authors of creative works that hold copyrights include for example writers, visual artists, photographers, script writers, directors, choreographers, composers, lyricists and translators. This page introduces you to the basics of copyright.
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Copyright glossary

What are original works and composite works? What does transferring a copyright mean? Learn more about these and other key copyright terms with this glossary.
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