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AVEK distributed EUR 3,4 million in 2020: more applications for film support

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, grants have been awarded normally and the number of applications has increased by 17% compared with the previous year. The grant application process has been developed to be more interactive and equal.
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The creative industry must not be forgotten in the revitalisation of the Finnish economy

At the autumn budget session, the Ministry of Finance cut 3.3 million euros from the appropriation intended for the operating expenses of the Finnish National Agency for Education, included in the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Culture. This cut will further weaken the operating conditions of the creative industries that are already facing challenges.
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AVEK Award winner Jenna Sutela.

Finland's most significant media art award granted to artist Jenna Sutela

The 2020 AVEK Award has been awarded to internationally renowned artist Jenna Sutela (b. 1983), whose art studies artificial intelligence and interaction between species. She works diversely on audiovisual works, sculptures and performances.
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Arilyn opens the door to other worlds

A recipient of both the CreMa and CreaDemo grants, Arilyn creates emotionally engaging experiences with the help of augmented reality. The company’s CEO and co-founder Emmi Jouslehto explains the role that augmented reality can play in cultural experiences.
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Ekosetti: A Guidebook to Sustainable Audiovisual Production in Finland now available in English

The goal of the guidebook is to promote a more environmentally friendly way of production.
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Aalto Studios Open Call 2020 in collaboration with AVEK

The Aalto Studios Open Call project seeks audiovisual and gaming productions that create new and interesting content by utilising the specialised technologies of Aalto Studios.
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In 2019, AVEK promoted sustainable development and media art

AVEK distributed EUR 3.7 million in grants in 2019. During the year, 971 applications were processed, 439 of which received the grant. In the autumn of 2019, the decision-making process already took into account the principles of sustainable development, and this year the responsibility of the productions is also promoted through its own form of support.
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Finnish parliament’s budget decision for 2019: compensation for private copying to remain at the current level

The Finnish Parliament has decided to keep the compensation for private copying at the current level in the budget for 2019. A significant number of members of parliament from all parties were behind the cross-party advocacy work. The common goal is to prepare a reform of the current budget-based system during the government’s term in office that begins after the election.
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