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Oskar Forstén appointed as new commissioner at AVEK

Forstén will take up his position on 1 January 2024. His work focuses on documentaries and short films.
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Taiteilija Pilvi Takala

The 2023 AVEK Award goes to Pilvi Takala who challenges social norms through her art

This year, Finland’s most important media art award will go to artist Pilvi Takala. Close Watch, the latest creation from Takala who works with video and performance art, represented Finland at last year’s Venice Biennial.
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Winner of the 2023 AVEK Award to be chosen by Director of Konsthall Tornedalen Theodor Ringborg

Theodor Ringborg, an experienced Swedish curator, will choose the next winner of the AVEK Award from among shortlisted candidates. Finland’s most significant media art award will be presented on 6 September.
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Katri Myllyniemi seisoo kuvan keskellä, toinen käsi on taskussa. Hän hymyilee ja katsoo kameraan. Taustalla vaalea kangas.

Automated happiness on the world’s dairy farms

Katri Myllyniemi's film project focuses on the relationship between humans and technology. In this series, we present the five filmmakers who have been selected for the 2023 Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab.
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Elokuvantekijä Sawandi Groskind on kuvan keskellä ja katsoo kameraan. Kädet ovat taskussa. Taustalla vaalea kangas.

From grandfather’s memoirs to the institutions of today

Sawandi Groskind hopes to see Kehittämö supporting unconventional projects. In this series, we present the five filmmakers who have been selected for the 2023 Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab.
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Ohjaaja Siiri Halko istuu tuolilla, katsoo kameraan ja hymyilee. Taustalla vaalea kangas.

Inspired by photography and troubling observations

In her first film project, Siiri Halko explores foster siblinghood. In this series, we present the five filmmakers who have been selected for the 2023 Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab.
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Elokuvantekijä Rabbe Sandström katsoo kameraan hymyillen. Tausta vaalea kangas

Coexistence of the sacred and the mundane near death

Rabbe Sandström’s Kehittämö project is a documentary about death through the eyes of a hospice volunteer. In this series, we present the five filmmakers who have been selected for the 2023 Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab.
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Ohjaaja Elisa Kujala katsoo kameraan hymyillen. Tausta harmaa kangas.

Stories of power relations in society

Elisa Kujala is working on a film in Kehittämö about a game developer who is discriminated against at her workplace. In this series, we present the five filmmakers who have been selected for the 2023 Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab.
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CreaDemo and DigiDemo concept grants awarded – surprisingly high number of applications

A total of €110,000 was awarded to 22 projects. There were 180 applications for concept support, which is around 140% more than in 2022. The application period for demo grants is now open.
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Our message to decision-makers: We must harness creative industries' growth potential

Government negotiators are currently considering ways to promote economic growth and employment. In this context, we must not forget the potential of the arts and cultural industries, which, if properly harnessed, can be important not only for economic growth but also for export. Moreover, culture has strong intrinsic value and also plays an important role in promoting people’s well-being and mental resilience.
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AVEK summer schedule in 2023

Support decisions are not made between June 28th and August 6th. Applications can be submitted as usual throughout the summer.
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Five new Finnish films to take shape in Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab

Five film projects have been selected to take part in Finland’s first development programme for young audiovisual artists. The authors selected for Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab will receive mentoring from international experts in the field and a €55,000 grant to develop their project. The aim is to create new, high-quality audiovisual works and also strengthen the personal voice of talented filmmakers.
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Mediarata grant application period from 1 February to 14 March 2023

This year, AVEK’s Mediarata grant will again be awarded to projects promoting the production culture of media art. This time, a total of 173,000 euros will be distributed from the separate funding allocated by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
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Ambitious new talent programme launched in Finland

AVEK Audiovisual Centre and the Finnish Cultural Foundation are launching the first Finnish audiovisual development programme focusing on the professional development of new filmmakers and media artists. In Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab, participants receive support to complete their first professional audiovisual artwork.
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Azar Saiyar katsoo kameraan hymyillen. Hänellä on kädessään kukkakimppu ja palkitun kunniakirja.

Acceptance speech by 2022 AVEK Award winner Azar Saiyar

The newly announced AVEK Award winner, media artist and filmmaker Azar Saiyar, reflected in her acceptance speech on our ability to learn and internalise the prevailing order, and on the potential of art to see, listen and tell things differently. The speech was delivered at the AVEK Award ceremony on 9 September 2022.
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AVEK-palkittu 2022 Azar Saiyar nojaa vaaleaan seinään ulkotilassa. Hän katsoo suoraan kameraan ja hymyilee.

2022 AVEK Award for moving image artist Azar Saiyar

This year, the most prominent media art award in Finland goes to Azar Saiyar, whose work focuses on moving images. She often uses archival material in her works and combines different cinematic styles and techniques. Saiyar’s short film My Home was shown at the Berlinale last February.
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Laitinen istuu ja katsoo kameraan. Kuvan tausta ja Laitisen vaatetus ovat mustia.

Art makes room for imagination

Last year, the AVEK Award, the most significant Finnish accolade for media art, was presented to artist Tuomas A. Laitinen. “I’ve spent the award money on my basic work in particular, i.e. making new art works. The award was very helpful in that it allowed me to start new things. Having time for various experiments has been important.”
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Application period for AVEK's grants for the creative industries starts

DigiDemo, CreaDemo and CreMa grants can be applied for from the beginning of May to the beginning of August. The grants support the development of new cultural content, innovation in creative industry products and services, and cooperation between the cultural sector and other sectors.
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AVEK's funding secured for many years to come

The compensation for private copying, which is the basis of AVEK’s funding, will be fixed at €11 million for the next four years.
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Support for audiovisual culture, application period 7.3.-31.8.2022

One application round this year for the support of AV culture: the application is now open

The only application round for the support for audiovisual culture in 2022 is now open. In the application system, the support is displayed as “Organizing an AV industry event”.
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