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Five new Finnish films to take shape in Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab

Five film projects have been selected to take part in Finland’s first development programme for young audiovisual artists. The authors selected for Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab will receive mentoring from international experts in the field and a €55,000 grant to develop their project. The aim is to create new, high-quality audiovisual works and also strengthen the personal voice of talented filmmakers.
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Mediarata grant application period from 1 February to 14 March 2023

This year, AVEK’s Mediarata grant will again be awarded to projects promoting the production culture of media art. This time, a total of 173,000 euros will be distributed from the separate funding allocated by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
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Ambitious new talent programme launched in Finland

AVEK Audiovisual Centre and the Finnish Cultural Foundation are launching the first Finnish audiovisual development programme focusing on the professional development of new filmmakers and media artists. In Kehittämö – Talent Development Lab, participants receive support to complete their first professional audiovisual artwork.
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Azar Saiyar katsoo kameraan hymyillen. Hänellä on kädessään kukkakimppu ja palkitun kunniakirja.

Acceptance speech by 2022 AVEK Award winner Azar Saiyar

The newly announced AVEK Award winner, media artist and filmmaker Azar Saiyar, reflected in her acceptance speech on our ability to learn and internalise the prevailing order, and on the potential of art to see, listen and tell things differently. The speech was delivered at the AVEK Award ceremony on 9 September 2022.
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AVEK-palkittu 2022 Azar Saiyar nojaa vaaleaan seinään ulkotilassa. Hän katsoo suoraan kameraan ja hymyilee.

2022 AVEK Award for moving image artist Azar Saiyar

This year, the most prominent media art award in Finland goes to Azar Saiyar, whose work focuses on moving images. She often uses archival material in her works and combines different cinematic styles and techniques. Saiyar’s short film My Home was shown at the Berlinale last February.
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Laitinen istuu ja katsoo kameraan. Kuvan tausta ja Laitisen vaatetus ovat mustia.

Art makes room for imagination

Last year, the AVEK Award, the most significant Finnish accolade for media art, was presented to artist Tuomas A. Laitinen. “I’ve spent the award money on my basic work in particular, i.e. making new art works. The award was very helpful in that it allowed me to start new things. Having time for various experiments has been important.”
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Application period for AVEK's grants for the creative industries starts

DigiDemo, CreaDemo and CreMa grants can be applied for from the beginning of May to the beginning of August. The grants support the development of new cultural content, innovation in creative industry products and services, and cooperation between the cultural sector and other sectors.
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AVEK's funding secured for many years to come

The compensation for private copying, which is the basis of AVEK’s funding, will be fixed at €11 million for the next four years.
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Support for audiovisual culture, application period 7.3.-31.8.2022

One application round this year for the support of AV culture: the application is now open

The only application round for the support for audiovisual culture in 2022 is now open. In the application system, the support is displayed as “Organizing an AV industry event”.
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AVEK’s diversity survey: questions and answers

We announced in our February newsletter and social media channels that AVEK will start analysing the allocation of its support via a survey on diversity. This bulletin includes answers to questions about the survey.
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AVEK's networking project supports six works

The networking event for authors and production companies resulted in some great project proposals and new collaborations. There seems to have been a high demand for a networking programme in the industry.
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Mediarata grants are available again – apply now!

The Ministry of Education and Culture has allocated €200,000 in separate funding for the Mediarata support for this year. The grants are intended for the enhancement of the media art production culture and may be applied for from 1 February to 14 March 2022.
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AVEK’s new application system and support instructions published

Significant changes have been made to the support instructions for films and media art, in particular. In the future, support will no longer be applied for on the basis of individual production stages, but rather based on the support needs of the production. The changes made are based on the aim to provide support to authors when it is most needed.
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AVEK’s application system out of use 1.12.2021–9.1.2022

As we are changing our application system at the turn of the year, the current system will be out of use for a bit over a month. The new application system opens on the 10th of January 2022.
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AVEK Award acceptance speech by Tuomas A. Laitinen

The recipient of the 2021 AVEK Award, artist Tuomas A. Laitinen, emphasises the role of art as part of society and in the midst of an ecological crisis in his speech.
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Cinematic time and the accumulation of ecosocial crises

In his essay, researcher and filmmaker Alejandro Pedregal traces back to the early days of cinema. The new art form emerged during a capitalist era which had fundamentally altered our perception of time. How can cinema today challenge the hegemonic worldview of time produced by the capitalist society and reformulate alternative approaches to contest the current ecosocial crises?
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Tuomas A. Laitinen’s work Protean Sap available on AVEK’s website for two weeks

Protean Sap consists of augmented reality filters and a single-channel video. The work creates a strange, dream-like reality where geometric formations encrust objects and bodies, paired with a mysterious seer’s text. The forms are simulated from protein chains of microbial life. These shapes are then changed through simulations into masks and ceremonial artefacts which are morphed in a hallucinatory way.
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AVEK Award to artist Tuomas A. Laitinen

The AVEK Award of €15,000 is awarded this year to artist Tuomas A. Laitinen (b. 1976). In his art, Laitinen explores the cycles of matter and life through versatile use of moving image, sound, glass, algorithms and chemical processes. The winner of the award was selected by Italian Paolo Bertolin, festival programmer at the Venice Film Festival.
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Support was granted to 34 projects in the summer: The dreamworlds of artists open up in virtual reality

From June to August, we granted a total of €219,844 to 34 projects. We received 29% more applications than during the same period last year. The works that received support include one that can be experienced in virtual reality: it immerses those who experience it in a dive into the creative subconscious.
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AVEK's funding has been secured for the next year

The government budget session reached the result we had hoped for. The Finnish Government decided to cancel the threatened cuts and maintain the compensation for private copying at the already established level.
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