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Our message to decision-makers: We must harness creative industries' growth potential

Government negotiators are currently considering ways to promote economic growth and employment. In this context, we must not forget the potential of the arts and cultural industries, which, if properly harnessed, can be important not only for economic growth but also for export. Moreover, culture has strong intrinsic value and also plays an important role in promoting people’s well-being and mental resilience.
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AVEK's funding secured for many years to come

The compensation for private copying, which is the basis of AVEK’s funding, will be fixed at €11 million for the next four years.
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The list of unknown audiovisual authors for 2020 have been published

We pay copyright remunerations to more than 10,000 TV programme authors each year. However, programmes also accumulate remunerations that we are unable to pay due to insufficient author information. Are you the author we are looking for?
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The compensation for private copying will remain at the same in 2022

During the government budget session that ended yesterday, the Finnish Government decided to cancel the threatened cuts of the compensation for private copying.
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Kopiosto paid €11 million in copyright remunerations to the authors and performers of tv programmes

This week, we paid more than €11 million in copyright remunerations to the copyright holders of audiovisual works. The remunerations have been collected for the use of TV programmes presented in 2020.
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AVEK's funding has been secured for the next year

The government budget session reached the result we had hoped for. The Finnish Government decided to cancel the threatened cuts and maintain the compensation for private copying at the already established level.
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Ministry of finance planning to cut AVEK's funding by half

More than a hundred organisations in the audiovisual industry and almost a thousand private individuals stood up in defence of AVEK in a public declaration submitted to decision-makers in early August. Despite this, the Ministry of Finance’s draft budget proposes a fatal cut in its appropriation for AVEK.
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In addition to grants, culture needs functional structures

The creative industry has suffered severely from the limitations caused by the coronavirus. We are now constantly hearing cries for help from those working in culture: the industry needs support – more and faster. In his blog, our CEO Valtteri Niiranen points out that in addition to short-term measures, it is also important to look further, to the structures supporting the industry.
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Kopiosto’s copyright remunerations to creative industries: EUR 66 million paid in 2020

In 2020, Kopiosto distributed almost EUR 66 million in copyright remunerations to performing artists, authors, publishers and producers. The amount of remuneration increased by an exceptional EUR 20 million from the previous year. The increase in distribution was due to the fact that last year, among other remunerations, a multi-year accumulation of remunerations was settled with APFI, which represents audiovisual producers.
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Study: Private copying remains nearly unchanged

According to an early 2021 study, there were no significant changes in private copying in 2020. A study performed by Taloustutkimus and commissioned by the Ministry of Education and Culture indicates that the total number of private copying in 2020 was about 258–276 million music or video files as legal private copies.
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