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Our site uses Google Analytics software by Google Inc. for gathering user metrics. With user metrics, we are able to develop our website to better serve our users’ needs. Google Analytics uses cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that is saved onto a user’s device (computer, phone, tablet). Cookies do not harm your devices or files. With the cookies, we can identify your device when you return to our site or are browsing our pages. The information stored in the cookies is anonymous. It allows us to become aware of the number of visitors to our site and which subpages they visit, which countries the visitors come from, which browsers or operating systems they are using, and how visitors have reached our site. We use the information to make our site easier to find and use, and to improve its functionality. More information on Google Analytics can be found at www.google.com/analytics/.

If you do not wish us to receive the aforementioned information with cookies, most browsers enable the user to turn off cookies from the browser settings and delete cookies.

Please note, however, that cookies might be necessary for some of our pages and services to function appropriately.

By continuing to use our website and allowing the use of cookies with your browser settings, you accept the use of cookies.

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