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Oskar Forstén appointed as new commissioner at AVEK

Forstén will take up his position on 1 January 2024. His work focuses on documentaries and short films.
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Uusi lakiasiainjohtaja Kirsi Salmela katsoo kameraan ja hymyilee. Taustalla puinen seinä.

New appointments at Kopiosto -Kirsi Salmela appointed Director, Legal Affairs

Kirsi Salmela has been appointed the new Director of Legal Affairs of Kopiosto. Matias Anttonen is the new Licensing Manager and Communications Manager Maria Bregenhøj will take up the position of Director of Communications.
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Inspired by working for an important cause

Ville Verronen, a new legal adviser at Kopiosto, explains how he got interested in copyright matters during his studies.
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New specialist to develop Kopiosto's cooperation with the education sector

Mikko Löyttyniemi, who has had a long career in education, explains why his new work on copyright inspires him.
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Successful orientation facilitates work in extraordinary circumstances

Tomi Pohto, who began working for Kopiosto towards the end of 2020, talks about what it is like to join our work community during a crisis.
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Digitalisation has kept a retiring Kopiosto inspector active

Inspector Juha Kallanranta from Kopiosto is retiring in the time of the coronavirus, an exceptional situation that he could not ever have imagined in advance.
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Milla Moilanen appointed as AVEK’s media art commissioner

AVEK has appointed a new media art commissioner. Milla Moilanen, who has been working in the field of moving pictures for over 30 years, assumed her new position on 3 February 2020.
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Director and producer Mikko Peltonen appointed as new commissioner at AVEK

AVEK has chosen a new commissioner in charge of documentaries and short films. Director and producer Mikko Peltonen will start in the position on 26 August.
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