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Why choose the easy way when you can choose the hard way?

What fascinates animator Kaisa Penttilä about stop motion is the difficulty and slowness of the work. ‘In general, it would be good if people made everything in the world like animation: slowly and in small amounts. Like cars, cruise ships and clothes.’
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Uncompromisingly experimental film narrative

The film production company Elokuvayhtiö Testifilmi is seeking to discover new ways of making cinematic art. We interviewed two of the company’s founders, Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola.
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Comedy and horror require excess in both style and ideas

‘What’s wonderful about films is that whatever you put in front of the camera becomes true. Metaphors come to life in a concrete way, and that power can be endlessly marvelled at,’ explains director-screenwriter Ilja Rautsi.
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A mythic story about Japan’s vacant home phenomenon – Jonna Kina’s Akiya accepted to the Berlin International Film Festival

Visual artist Jonna Kina’s new short film Akiya (2019) will have its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival as part of the experimental Forum Expanded series. The film was a recipient of AVEK’s media art grant.
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AVEK increases its emphasis on development support and reveals the new eco support

At the documentary industry’s DocInfo event held on 17 January 2020, we presented some of the changes being made to the types of financial support granted by AVEK. Here is a concise information package about what will change this year and what kind of new developments you can look forward to!
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In 2019, AVEK promoted sustainable development and media art

AVEK distributed EUR 3.7 million in grants in 2019. During the year, 971 applications were processed, 439 of which received the grant. In the autumn of 2019, the decision-making process already took into account the principles of sustainable development, and this year the responsibility of the productions is also promoted through its own form of support.
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Director and producer Mikko Peltonen appointed as new commissioner at AVEK

AVEK has chosen a new commissioner in charge of documentaries and short films. Director and producer Mikko Peltonen will start in the position on 26 August.
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