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AVEK Award winner Jenna Sutela.

Finland's most significant media art award granted to artist Jenna Sutela

The 2020 AVEK Award has been awarded to internationally renowned artist Jenna Sutela (b. 1983), whose art studies artificial intelligence and interaction between species. She works diversely on audiovisual works, sculptures and performances.
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AVEK Award winner Jenna Sutela's video essay Holobiont (2018)

AVEK Award 2020 winner Jenna Sutela's video essay Holobiont (2018) can be watched on AVEK's website until 20.9.2020.
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In the still image a child is not facing the camera, we can only see their back. They are in a dark room that has a cupboard. On top of the cupboard there are items, such as a globe, books in a pile, a rose in a vase and paintings.

AVEK Award

The AVEK Award is an annual accolade for creative work. The award, worth €15,000, can be granted to a creator or group that works in media arts or other audiovisual culture.
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Uncompromisingly experimental film narrative

The film production company Elokuvayhtiö Testifilmi is seeking to discover new ways of making cinematic art. We interviewed two of the company’s founders, Mika Taanila and Jussi Eerola.
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In March–April, AVEK grants and support were awarded to 29 media art and film projects: support also granted to a documentary project examining the coronavirus outbreak

“Humanity starts to exhibit either unity or even greater selfishness. And nature wakes up to spring and turns to autumn, not caring for the problems of humans,” muses Anu Kuivalainen, the initiator of the Poikkeustila project for which AVEK granted support, on these exceptional times.
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Visual artist Jenni Toikka’s new work for the largest outdoor screen in the Nordic countries

As part of the Visual Overture project, a new media art work will be seen next November–December. The work by visual artist Jenni Toikka will be presented on Musiikkitalo Media Wall before the concerts of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. The starting point of the work submission selected for production is the experience of music.
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A mythic story about Japan’s vacant home phenomenon – Jonna Kina’s Akiya accepted to the Berlin International Film Festival

Visual artist Jonna Kina’s new short film Akiya (2019) will have its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival as part of the experimental Forum Expanded series. The film was a recipient of AVEK’s media art grant.
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AVEK increases its emphasis on development support and reveals the new eco support

At the documentary industry’s DocInfo event held on 17 January 2020, we presented some of the changes being made to the types of financial support granted by AVEK. Here is a concise information package about what will change this year and what kind of new developments you can look forward to!
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Milla Moilanen appointed as AVEK’s media art commissioner

AVEK has appointed a new media art commissioner. Milla Moilanen, who has been working in the field of moving pictures for over 30 years, assumed her new position on 3 February 2020.
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In 2019, AVEK promoted sustainable development and media art

AVEK distributed EUR 3.7 million in grants in 2019. During the year, 971 applications were processed, 439 of which received the grant. In the autumn of 2019, the decision-making process already took into account the principles of sustainable development, and this year the responsibility of the productions is also promoted through its own form of support.
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