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The copyright act reform will bring new rights to authors as well as newspaper and magazine publishers

The EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market will change the Finnish legislation. There has been plenty of discussion on narrowing the value gap: the Directive makes platform services such as Facebook and Instagram liable with regard to the copyright of the content shared on them. But what kind of other things could result from taking the Directive into account in the Finnish copyright legislation?
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Commentary on the Act on Collective Management of Copyright helps apply the act that regulates copyright organisations

The work “Laki tekijänoikeuden yhteishallinnoinnista – kommentaari ja käsikirja” (Act on Collective Management of Copyright – Commentary and Handbook), written by our CEO Valtteri Niiranen and Director Martti Kivistö of Teosto, was published in January. The work sheds light on the Act’s background and sections and serves as a guide for everyone interested in copyright.
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Opetus-ja kulttuuriministeriön Kulttuuri- ja taidepolitiikan osaston hallitusneuvos Anna Vuopala

The copyright system can be developed with ©-info

It is often difficult to determine what online content can and cannot be used. According to Anna Vuopala, a Senior Ministerial Adviser at the Department for Art and Cultural Policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the ©-info icon developed by Kopiosto is a very useful tool in raising awareness of the complex provisions of the Copyright Act and helping users act accordingly.
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Copyright Barometer 2020: Authors in creative industries are valued, copyrights are important

A clear majority of Finnish people still consider copyrights to be important, according to the latest Copyright Barometer. Copyright organisations and remunerations are also considered necessary. The Copyright Information and Anti-Piracy Centre (CIAPC) commissions Taloustutkimus to perform this study on an annual basis.
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Information about copyright for educational institutions

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The ABC of copyright

Copyrights give performers and authors of creative work the right to decide on the use of their works as defined in the Copyright Act and the Copyright Decree. Authors of creative works that hold copyrights include for example writers, visual artists, photographers, script writers, directors, choreographers, composers, lyricists and translators. This page introduces you to the basics of copyright.
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Copyright glossary

What are original works and composite works? What does transferring a copyright mean? Learn more about these and other key copyright terms with this glossary.
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We study the use of copyright protected material in different sectors of society from educational institutions to businesses. The collected data helps us distribute remunerations to the authors, performers and publishers in the creative industry.
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Frequently asked questions about copyright

We receive questions about copyright regularly. This page includes a list of frequently asked questions.
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