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Horse enthusiasts are also interested in the past

The Hevosurheilu magazine is setting out to digitise its issues. “Our subscribers also want to read articles about horses, drivers, trainers and grooms from the past,” says the magazine’s Managing Director Keijo Kinnula. The magazine has agreed upon the copyright licences required for the digitisation with Kopiosto.
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National Library of Finland made digitised versions of newspapers and magazines from the 1930s available to clients

A decade’s worth of digitised newspapers and magazines were made available when the National Library of Finland made all newspapers and magazines published in Finland by 31 December 1939 available. The newspapers and magazines are available to the public online at digi.kansalliskirjasto.fi. The extension of the collection is based on an agreement about the licences concerning the newspapers and magazines between the National Library of Finland and Kopiosto.
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All Swedish-language newspapers published in Finland will be digitised 2024

In the next three years, the National Library of Finland will digitise all Swedish-language newspapers published in Finland. The project is made possible by the grants worth a total of EUR 1.85 million awarded by eight Finland-Swedish funds and foundations. The newspapers will be made available online and in archives and legal deposit collections in Helsinki, Mariehamn, Vaasa and Turku, among others. Agreements about licences have been made with Kopiosto.
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Newspaper and magazine publishers’ archive licence

A copyright licence for publishers to make available their archived material for their readers.
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