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In addition to grants, culture needs functional structures

The creative industry has suffered severely from the limitations caused by the coronavirus. We are now constantly hearing cries for help from those working in culture: the industry needs support – more and faster. In his blog, our CEO Valtteri Niiranen points out that in addition to short-term measures, it is also important to look further, to the structures supporting the industry.
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Repetition is the mother of learning: A creative professional deserves to be remunerated for their work

The message of the title seems obvious, but unfortunately it is not. In her blog post, our communications specialist Iina Saarinen asks what kind of value we are ready to give to the creative industry now that it is in crisis.
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AVEK distributed EUR 3,4 million in 2020: more applications for film support

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, grants have been awarded normally and the number of applications has increased by 17% compared with the previous year. The grant application process has been developed to be more interactive and equal.
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The creative industry must not be forgotten in the revitalisation of the Finnish economy

At the autumn budget session, the Ministry of Finance cut 3.3 million euros from the appropriation intended for the operating expenses of the Finnish National Agency for Education, included in the proposal of the Ministry of Education and Culture. This cut will further weaken the operating conditions of the creative industries that are already facing challenges.
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