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On the trail of Sirkka-Liisa

An estate inspired Elina Talvensaari to make a documentary about time and transience.
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Our services for authors and publishers

We represent a large group of creative authors, such as writers, visual artists, translators, actors, directors and journalists. We ensure that authors and publishers receive proper compensation for the use of their works.
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Join Kopiosto

Authors, performers and publishers, authorise us to issue licences to use their works on their behalf. The authorisation allows us to look after the benefits and rights of the rightsholder.
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Copyright agreement for audiovisual authors

Copyright agreement strengthens your financial status as an AV author and the control you have over your own works. By entering a copyright agreement, you ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for the use of your works.
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Remunerations to audiovisual authors

Kopiosto pays authors and performers copyright remunerations for the secondary use of TV and radio programmes.
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