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A storyteller draws intimately from his own life

Jani Toivola is a multifaceted person. Dancer. TV host. Former MP. Actor. Writer. The various forms of creativity have been important for Toivola in different times.
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The list of unknown audiovisual authors for 2020 have been published

We pay copyright remunerations to more than 10,000 TV programme authors each year. However, programmes also accumulate remunerations that we are unable to pay due to insufficient author information. Are you the author we are looking for?
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Kopiosto paid €11 million in copyright remunerations to the authors and performers of tv programmes

This week, we paid more than €11 million in copyright remunerations to the copyright holders of audiovisual works. The remunerations have been collected for the use of TV programmes presented in 2020.
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Director and producer empowered by each other

Director-screenwriter Johanna Vuoksenmaa and producer Riina Hyytiä have enjoyed success with their many films and series. But more important than ratings and awards is working together and enjoying what you do.
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Lavastaja Kari Kankaanpää hymyilee. Taustalla puumaisema.

Production designers create worlds

For production designer Kari Kankaanpää, an efficient and smoothly working team is everything. Soon, you will once again be able to admire the handiwork of the Jussi Award winning artist at Cannes and on Finnish cinema screens.
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Kopiosto paid EUR 5.7 million in remunerations for online recording to the authors and performers of foreign audiovisual works

Remunerations collected for online recording services of TV programmes applies to foreign programmes shown on Finnish TV channels. Remunerations for 2015–2019 totalled EUR 5.7 million. Of this amount, the share of Finnish authors and performers, mainly translators, was just over EUR 700,000.
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Editor Jussi Rautaniemi enjoys his work

When he was young, Jussi Rautaniemi dreamt of making films. Now, as a professional editor, he is still baffled by his chance to work in this industry.
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Kopiosto distributes an additional million euros to audiovisual authors

The remunerations distributed to the authors and performers of television programmes come from the allocations set aside from the compensation for private copying and remuneration for educational recordings paid in 2015–2017.
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Comedy and horror require excess in both style and ideas

‘What’s wonderful about films is that whatever you put in front of the camera becomes true. Metaphors come to life in a concrete way, and that power can be endlessly marvelled at,’ explains director-screenwriter Ilja Rautsi.
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Ekosetti: A Guidebook to Sustainable Audiovisual Production in Finland now available in English

The goal of the guidebook is to promote a more environmentally friendly way of production.
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