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Kopiosto distributes an additional million euros to audiovisual authors

The remunerations distributed to the authors and performers of television programmes come from the allocations set aside from the compensation for private copying and remuneration for educational recordings paid in 2015–2017.
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Finnish parliament’s budget decision for 2019: compensation for private copying to remain at the current level

The Finnish Parliament has decided to keep the compensation for private copying at the current level in the budget for 2019. A significant number of members of parliament from all parties were behind the cross-party advocacy work. The common goal is to prepare a reform of the current budget-based system during the government’s term in office that begins after the election.
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Frequently asked questions about copyright

We receive questions about copyright regularly. This page includes a list of frequently asked questions.
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Compensation for private copying

The compensation for private copying is a statutory monetary compensation to authors of creative works for the right of each citizen to copy legal works for private use. The funds for the private copying levy are included in the state’s budget, and they are directed to authors of creative works via Kopiosto and AVEK, which is a part of our organisation, among others.
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