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Laitinen istuu ja katsoo kameraan. Kuvan tausta ja Laitisen vaatetus ovat mustia.

Art makes room for imagination

Last year, the AVEK Award, the most significant Finnish accolade for media art, was presented to artist Tuomas A. Laitinen. “I’ve spent the award money on my basic work in particular, i.e. making new art works. The award was very helpful in that it allowed me to start new things. Having time for various experiments has been important.”
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A storyteller draws intimately from his own life

Jani Toivola is a multifaceted person. Dancer. TV host. Former MP. Actor. Writer. The various forms of creativity have been important for Toivola in different times.
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Director and producer empowered by each other

Director-screenwriter Johanna Vuoksenmaa and producer Riina Hyytiä have enjoyed success with their many films and series. But more important than ratings and awards is working together and enjoying what you do.
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Lavastaja Kari Kankaanpää hymyilee. Taustalla puumaisema.

Production designers create worlds

For production designer Kari Kankaanpää, an efficient and smoothly working team is everything. Soon, you will once again be able to admire the handiwork of the Jussi Award winning artist at Cannes and on Finnish cinema screens.
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Virtual reality takes the viewer to another world

Lately, media artist and film director Timo Wright has explored the avenues opened up by virtual reality in terms of creating and experiencing films. Could VR deepen our understanding of the lives and experiences of others?
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A translator cannot just translate the words

“A literary translator follows the thoughts, not the words,” says translator Arja Pikkupeura. She is known best for her Finnish translations of the works of Lyudmila Ulitskaya, one of the major writers in modern Russian literature.
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Journalism is not a solo act 

In the work of a journalist, Anu Silfverberg is motivated by the social power of journalism. ‘This is an important profession for me that needs to be practised with honour. Not just for the sake of the industry, but the whole of society.’ 
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Konsta Punkka photographs nature near and far

Konsta Punkka’s path to becoming a professional photographer was through social media. He sees social media platforms as a factor equalising the creative industry.
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Writer Eveliina Talvitie is not ashamed of wanting to change the world

In her latest book, Eveliina Talvitie writes about the significance of life experience and meets with women of various ages who proudly identify as old. The book Vanha nainen tanssii (Old Woman Dancing) was released in January.
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Editor Jussi Rautaniemi enjoys his work

When he was young, Jussi Rautaniemi dreamt of making films. Now, as a professional editor, he is still baffled by his chance to work in this industry.
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