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Tuomas A. Laitinen’s work Protean Sap available on AVEK’s website for two weeks

Protean Sap consists of augmented reality filters and a single-channel video. The work creates a strange, dream-like reality where geometric formations encrust objects and bodies, paired with a mysterious seer’s text. The forms are simulated from protein chains of microbial life. These shapes are then changed through simulations into masks and ceremonial artefacts which are morphed in a hallucinatory way.
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For AVEK, the year 2020 was defined by the pandemic and an increased number of applications

We reacted to the situation caused by the pandemic and remote work by becoming flexible. We changed the focus of support towards personal grants, communicated even more effectively towards the applicants, and maintained a wider international presence. The number of applications increased, even though the internationalisation and training activities stopped almost completely due to the pandemic.
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