Author: Ria Korkiakangas

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Kopiraittila – for learning and teaching about copyrights

Kopiraittila is website containing learning and teaching material on copyrights. Kopiraittila includes all of the information on copyrights that you will need in teaching contexts. The service provides a wealth of gamified teaching material and various tips, checklists and source reference templates for projects.
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Supplementary material for teaching with our licences

Our licences make it possible to use various copyrighted materials. This means that you can copy a very extensive range of supplementary material for your teaching and use TV programmes for teaching purposes, while respecting copyrights.
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Free copyright training for teachers

We provide the teaching staff of educational institutions with training on teaching licences, copyrights and copyright-related skills. We are more than happy to come to your educational institution or event to talk more about them!
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Subscribe to the Kopiosto newsletter for educational institutions

Our newsletter aimed at teachers and teaching professionals covers topics such as copyrights, licences for teaching purposes, Kopiraittila content and our training courses.
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Information about copyright for educational institutions

Here at Kopiosto we support teachers and teaching staff across a wide spectrum in matters related to copyrights and the copying and use of copyrighted works.
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CEO’s Review of 2023: The new Copyright Act and EU-level regulation of artificial intelligence coloured the otherwise stable year

The partial update of the Copyright Act improved the position of the authors, publishers and performing artists that we represent. New licensing opportunities also became available for Kopiosto. Additionally, we paid EUR 50 million to the creative industry.
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Highlights from 2023

As the new year is off to a great start, it is a good time to look back and see how we helped promote the creative industry and copyrights in the past year.
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Kopiosto authorisation service

The Kopiosto authorisation service allows you to grant a new authorisation or check the status of your previous authorisations.
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Kopiosto authorisations

You can join Kopiosto by giving an authorisation. We collect authorisations from various creative professionals, performing artists and publishers.
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Grant of Rights to Kopiosto updated

Kopiosto has added new categories of rights to the Grant of Rights to Kopiosto following amendments to the Copyright Act. Writers and visual artists must update their existing Grants of Rights.
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