Author: Ria Korkiakangas

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Authorisation supported by extended collective licence

The Copyright Act obliges Finnish copyright organisations to tell all authors, publishers and other copyright holders in the creative industries what kind of licences the organisation grants for the use of works. In practice, the organisation must state how it uses extended collective licences (ECL).
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Copyright education resource Kopiraittila also launched in Spain

The Spanish version of the Kopiosto-maintained Kopiraittila, Aula del Derecho de Autor, was launched in Spain at the beginning of October. The website has been produced by CEDRO, a sister organisation of Kopiosto. CEDRO regards the website as a good addition to the training programmes in intellectual property rights offered in the educational field.
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Principles of discussion on the social media accounts run by Kopiosto

You can ask questions and engage in discussions on the social media accounts of Kopiosto and AVEK. We require that these discussions are conducted in a positive spirit and with respect for the views of the other participants.
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Laitinen istuu ja katsoo kameraan. Kuvan tausta ja Laitisen vaatetus ovat mustia.

Art makes room for imagination

Last year, the AVEK Award, the most significant Finnish accolade for media art, was presented to artist Tuomas A. Laitinen. “I’ve spent the award money on my basic work in particular, i.e. making new art works. The award was very helpful in that it allowed me to start new things. Having time for various experiments has been important.”
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Uusi lakiasiainjohtaja Kirsi Salmela katsoo kameraan ja hymyilee. Taustalla puinen seinä.

New appointments at Kopiosto -Kirsi Salmela appointed Director, Legal Affairs

Kirsi Salmela has been appointed the new Director of Legal Affairs of Kopiosto. Matias Anttonen is the new Licensing Manager and Communications Manager Maria Bregenhøj will take up the position of Director of Communications.
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EUR 57 million of copyright remunerations for the creative industry from Kopiosto

In 2021, Kopiosto paid a total of EUR 57.1 million to performers, authors and publishers as copyright remunerations.
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Licence service

You can renew our copying licence in our licence service.
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Kopioston toimitusjohtaja Valtteri Niiranen

Feedback must be taken seriously in the copyright act reform

Our CEO Valtteri Niiranen expects the government’s proposal on the Copyright Act to be postponed until 2022. “The most important partial reform of the Copyright Act in years is underway, and a time-out is now needed to prepare the Act again.”
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Changes to the copyright act must be reconsidered

The EU’s Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market and Online Broadcasting Directive will change our own Copyright Act. The draft law prepared by the Ministry of Education and Culture weakens the rights of authors. We call for the law to be sent back for preparation.
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