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Copyrighted materials can now also be used in basic education in the arts. Licences for early childhood education and educational institutions do not change

The Finnish National Agency for Education has made an agreement with Kopiosto and APFI, an organisation representing the interests of producers in the field of audiovisual content production, on using copyrighted materials in teaching and early childhood education in 2021. The licences cover the copying of materials and presenting TV programmes in education.
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Public administration

We enable various ways of copying and using copyrighted material in public administration. The public administration copying licence has been acquired by organisations in the state administration, municipalities and joint municipal authorities.
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How much does the licence for using TV programmes in education cost?

We negotiate the licence terms of using TV programmes in teaching on behalf of AV authors.
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Other instructions for the use of TV programmes in education

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Use of TV programmes in education

The Finnish National Agency for Education has acquired licences to record and perform TV and radio programmes in education from Kopiosto, broadcasting companies and Audiovisual Producers Finland APFI. The licence acquired by the Finnish National Agency for Education applies to pre-school, comprehensive school and upper secondary school education and free vocational education leading to a qualification.
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