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What is AVEK?

AVEK is a promoter of independent audiovisual productions focusing on documentary films, short films and short animations. Approximately 40–50 film projects are funded annually. In total, the granted funds are around €1.8M.

AVEK is the most significant promoter of media art in Finland. Annually, AVEK funds the production of around 60–70 works of media art with a sum of approximately €400,000. The annual AVEK Award is the largest media art award in Finland.

AVEK supports the further education of professionals on audiovisual fields, development of audiovisual expression, Finnish audiovisual export and also festivals and events. AVEK supports these purposes with around €800,000 annually.

AVEK distributes private copying levy funds allocated to shared purposes to the promotion of audiovisual culture. During its 30-year history, AVEK has distributed around €60M of private copying levy funds to the creators of the audiovisual field and has supported the completing of 2,300 films or other audiovisual productions.

AVEK distributes DigiDemo and CreaDemo funds from the grants allocated by the Ministry of Education and Culture. DigiDemo is aimed for the development of digital culture content and CreaDemo for the development  of creative culture. In total, around €12M of these funds have been granted since 2002.

 AVEK in numbers

  • promotional funds €3.0M

  • DigiDemo grants €0.8M

  • CreaDemo grants €0.6M

  • AVEK Award €15,000 

  • AVEK Magazine (in Finnish only) published twice a year

  • established in 1987 in relation to copyright organisation Kopiosto

The information is based on the gross figure of the fiscal period 2016–2017.

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