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Grant of Rights to Kopiosto

Kopiosto is an umbrella organisation for societies representing authors, publishers, and performing artists. It enables easy use of publications and audiovisual works and ensures that copyright owners receive the corresponding compensation.  

What is a Grant of Rights to Kopiosto? 

The authorisation allows Kopiosto to licence the use of your works. It allows Kopiosto to grant licences on behalf of the copyright owner for photocopying, scanning and electronic copying of works and for recording and retransmission of TV and radio programmes.

The authorisation ensures that you receive remuneration for the use of your works and that your copyrights are protected. The authorisation is given to a member organisation of Kopiosto, which then transfers it further on to Kopiosto. So far, Kopiosto has received over 50,000 authorisations.

The authorisation is given to a member organisation of Kopiosto, which then transfers it further on to Kopiosto. Kopiosto issues licenses for the areas of use that the member organsations have decided.


A new act on the collective management of copyrights has affected the operation of copyright organisations since the beginning of 2017. Its purpose is to increase the transparency of copyright management and promote good governance.

Please fill out the Grant of Rights form, then print and sign it. Please send the form to the office of the Kopiosto member organisation, to which you are giving your authorisation.

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