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Photocopying licences for copying books, newspapers and magazines

Kopiosto grants licences for photocopying in all areas of society. The diverse Kopiosto licence covers both domestic and foreign materials from Helsingin Sanomat and Kauppalehti to the Wall Street Journal. The licence permits the copying of nearly all types of publications, such as fiction and non-fiction literature, professional and scientific magazines, user manuals and research reports.

Finnish creators and publishers have authorised Kopiosto to grant photocopying rights on their behalf. Section 13 of the Copyright Act extends the Kopiosto licences to also apply to creators and publishers that are not its members.

Copyright owners can also prohibit the copying of their works, if they so desire. Kopiosto maintains a list of these copyright owners.

The remunerations collected for photocopying are based on regular photocopying surveys.

The Copyright Act states that a few copies of works can be made for private use, but other copying of works is subject to a licence.

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