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AVEK Subsidies

The main emphasis of AVEK’s support is on creative documentaries, short fiction, animated films and media-art based productions.

AVEK participates in international co-productions with Finnish producer as a minor partner. Co-productions must have either a noticeable connection to Finland or have serious artistic involvement from Finland.  In co-productions the Finnish co-production company applies the funding from AVEK. The money has to be used for Finnish artistic involvement. Two to three co-productions have been supported per year, the amount of support ranging between 10 to 20 thousand euros.

There are four deadlines per year for production support. No deadlines for script writing and development support.

Scriptwriting and production grants

AVEK's production grants are awarded for short films, documentaries and media art productions. Funding is not awarded for long feature films, music videos, demonstration or commissioned programmes, programmes made as a hobby or for purchasing equipment.

Production grants are awarded for scriptwriting, pre-production, actual production and post-production. Individual project grants are awarded for small-scale media art works. AVEK also offers grants for cultural exports to support the preparation of joint productions and the international marketing of Finnish productions.

Training grants

The AVEK training grants are primarily awarded to professionals in the audiovisual industry for personal advanced training and further education purposes. Training grants are also awarded for organising training events and courses.

Funding for audiovisual culture (festival grants)

This funding is granted to all the audiovisual festivals and events organised in Finland that are significant to AVEK's operations. The funding may also granted to other important forms of audiovisual culture.

DigiDemo programme

Twice a year, AVEK awards government subsidies for the product development of cultural content and services for digital user interface.

The aim of the DigiDemo programme is to promote the development of important cultural content and service projects, to improve the R&D prospects of businesses in the field, and to respond to challenges concerning the cultural policies of a digitalised society.

Subsidies are awarded to companies or industry experts for R&D projects based on the aforementioned contents that aim to develop new kinds of narratives or services in the areas of culture and entertainment, utilise multiple channels and have a good chance of going into production.

Projects considered for subsidies are evaluated based on their innovativeness and capacity for production. Additionally, the projects’ potential for commercial success nationally or internationally is also considered.

DigiDemo programme is awarded from funds allocated to AVEK by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

CreaDemo programme

AVEK awards government subsidies to support development projects related to the creative industries and cultural enterprise.

CreaDemo subsidies are awarded to R&D projects carried out by companies, industry experts or professional associations that aim to develop new product or service innovations related to the creative fields of cultural enterprise. The aim of the programme is to create new products, methods or services that are based on or utilise creative expertise.

The subsidies can be awarded to projects in various creative and cultural fields.

The project evaluation process emphasises in particular the novelty value, innovativeness, financial capacity and business potential of the project.

CreaDemo programme is awarded from funds allocated to AVEK by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

AVEK's other operations

The cultural export of Finnish short films and documentaries is a joint project between AVEK and the Finnish Film Foundation. The aim of this cultural export is to increase the visibility of Finnish short films and documentaries abroad. The person in charge of cultural export is Marja Pallassalo, who works in the International Department at the Finnish Film Foundation.

AVEK publishes a newsletter. The AVEK magazine is published twice a year. The magazine contains current information about AVEK’s operations and awarded grants, among other things.

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